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October 23, 2015— Cross Country Meet

The grade 5 girls showed some amazing character.

One of Alta Vista Public School's girls was the last to finish the race by far....walking the last 1/2 km as everyone watched.She was alone on the track.....until a bunch of girls of Alta Vista PS who had already finished ran out on the track and encouraged her to finish - they all ran the last 200m together.Really quite the scene!

Great stuff!

C. Toivonen, OCT


This is a story about a friend assisting another friend in need of help during recess.

One day when my daughter, Sonya, fell down and skinned her knee, her friend Nora helped her up and made sure she was OK.Then she ran and got the teacher to assist Sonya.

Nora displayed empathy and kindness toward Sonya by ensuring that she was Ok and received the help she needed.

Thanks Nora!!

submitted by: Catherine


I have always been struck by how polite the kids are.Every time I come into the school, kids stop and hold doors for me, and several times I have been asked if I need help finding the office.

submitted by: Anonymous parent


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