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"Yes, our boat sunk before the race even began,” but students say Skills Canada cardboard boat race "was extremely fun!"

Skills Canada cardboard boat race

La course de bateau était très amusante. C’était un défi d’avoir le meilleur bateau. Oui, notre bateau a coulé avant le début de la course, mais c’était très amusant de découvrir les différentes façons pour le faire mieux la prochaine fois. The boat race was very fun. it was a challenge to have the best boat. Yes, our boat sunk before the race even began, but, it was very fun to discover different ways to make the boat better next time.

Charlie P. (EF7).

Skills Canada cardboard boat race

The cardboard boat race was extremely fun. Although I was extremely nervous, it was still a great experience. We got to see how other teams work together, but more importantly we got to see how the girl team worked together since we're both in different classes. I also met some students from some school in Orleans and they were very nice. Overall it was an awesome day.

Jacqueline S. (EF7)

Intermediate boys’ volleyball team competes with

some of the best in the city — a summary

Intermediate boys’ volleyball team
Joe and the boys

January 21, 2016 - This year the team and I were able to have the extraordinary chance to represent Alta Vista Public School as the 2016 squad. All the boys got to experience the highs and lows of sport and marvel at what we could accomplish as a team. When we held our first practice we did not look like a championship winning team, but Coach Hamilton helped us realize our potential. We went into the first tune-up tournament with confidence in our coach and each other but were still unsure and nervous about our chances in the tournament. Even though we did not place amazingly, we did learn that we could compete with some of the best in the city. For the next couple weeks we enjoyed practicing as a team and getting ready for the regional tournament. The climax of the season and the make or break part of the campaign was the regional final versus Glashan Middle School. I'm happy to say that faced with a 1-0 deficit in the final, our team was able to rally in the clutch to take down our opponent and book a ticket to the tournament of Champions and the chance to fight for the top spot in the city. With constant help and support from Mr. Hamilton we savoured every last moment of the season and bowed out of the Tournament of Champions as a very satisfied team.

Thanks Mr. Hamilton!!!

Tier 2 Intermediate Volleyball Girls easily win final match in 2 games

Tier 2 Intermediate Volleyball Girls
The Team: Esmé, Seemah, Melissa, Beatrice, Kana, Sofia, Jessie, TawkHnem, Samantha, Jacqueline.

January 18, 2016 - Congratulations to the Tier 2 Intermediate Volleyball Girls who attended their regional tournament on Monday, January 18, at Fielding Drive Public School. They were very strong and consistent and finished second in their pool. They then faced Hopewell PS in the semifinals. They played hard and won the match 2 games to 1. In the big final match, they faced Castor Valley ES, a powerhouse team they had won against in the round robin. They easily won the final match in 2 games. Throughout the day, the girls showed respect, perseverance and good sportsmanship.

Their Coach, Mme Thériault, says, “It was such a pleasure to coach these great athletes. Also, a big thanks to Mr. Ellis who helped coach the team!"

By Coach: Mme Thériault

Boys’ volleyball team works hard to win regional tournament!

Boys’ volleyball team
Congratulations to Sammi F, Patrick F, Tristan F, Ben J, Andrew S, Will M, Matt L, Matt U, Joe F, Ali A, Liam F

December 17, 2015 - A huge congratulations to the members of the Boys Tier 1 Volleyball Team who became Regional Champions yesterday after an unbelievable performance! Weeks of practices paid off as the boys showed tremendous talent during the round robin play going 3-1-1. The team then cruised through the semifinals and found themselves playing for first place against the always dominant Glashan Public School team. After dropping the first game, the boys roared back and won the second forcing a third and final game. The boys won the nail biting final game 15-11 and will now move on to the Board Tournament in January.

Mr. Hamilton

Alta Vista girls Tier 1 Volleyball team shows great tenacity!

girls Tier 1 Volleyball team
Thank you for a great volleyball session, Rahma, Zohra, Morgan, Erin, Farida, Ella, Jaya, Sadaf, Kendra, & Stephanie.

December 15, 2015 - What a great tournament we had yesterday with our Alta Vista Tier 1 girls' Volleyball team! With tournament practice under our belt, we went full force in this tournament and finished 2nd in our pool, splitting a game against every team. We then continued to beat Roberta Bondar in the 1/4 final match 25-18 and 25-18!! We then played Hopewell team in the 1/2 finals. The girls played 2 amazing matches against this power house and showed great tenacity.

Madame Thériault

Alta Vista boys’ football Tier 1 regional champions!

boys’ football Tier 1

December 14, 2015 - Congratulations to the boys football team who captured the Region 3 football championship this October! The boys had a perfect 5-0 record during the tournament beating Roberta Bondar in an exciting final 21-0. The team went on to represent the South East region at the board tournament. They won their first game 24-6 against Henry Munroe and moved onto the semi-final against a very tough W.O Mitchell squad from Kanata. The game was a defensive battle which saw W.O Mitchell prevailing 6-0. W.O Mitchell went on to win the board title. The boys represented the Alta Vista spirit with tremendous skill, dedication, and sportsmanship. Well done!!

Tier 2 Junior Boys’ Borden Ball team plays with great heart

Tier 2 Junior Boys’ Borden Ball team

December 11, 2015 - The boys played with great heart at our tournament. In our last game we fought for a win in order to get to the semifinals. After several lead changes neither team was able to win and we ended with a tie. While speaking to many of the parents and grandparents who attended we agreed on one thing. The boys played hard, and acted like winners throughout the tournament. Congratulations to all of the boys for a great performance!

M. Joachim

Junior Boys' Borden Ball wins Tier 1 silver

Junior Boys' Borden Ball

December 11, 2015 - Congratulations to the junior boys Borden Ball team who captured the silver medal at Thursday's Regional Tier 1 tournament. The boys out scored and outsmarted their opponents, helping them qualify for the finals. The championship game was a tough match-up against Steve MacLean Public School. The boys battled hard against a strong opponent and there was only a two point difference separating the teams at the final whistle. Congratulations on a great performance to Henry, Andrew, Roston, Luke, Owen and Tommy in grade 4, Henry, Quinn, Caylan, Liam, Barrett and Scott in grade 5 and to Connor, Avery, Aidan, Wassim, Kayden and Noah in grade 6.

Madame Saunders

Students know importance of helping in the community through Food Drive and visit to retirement home

Food Drive and visit to retirement home
Stand by Me Food Drive Club (click here to see more photos)

December 1, 2015 - The Stand by Me leadership club recently ended a food drive to provide food to a local food bank. It becomes harder for families with insufficient amounts of food, in the winter because of the freezing temperatures. Alta Vista recognized the need for food in the community and decided to start a food drive for families in need, in one month we raised 1016 cans of non-perishable food items ranging from pasta, cereal, to baby food. The Stand by Me students were responsible for the collection of items and did so every Friday. The boxes of food were then sent to the Ledbury Food Bank. The Stand By Me club is going to Billingswood Manor retirement home next week to visit the residents over the holidays. The students know the importance of helping in the community, and have shown this with the Food Drive and the visit to the retirement home.

Matthew V.

Junior girls Borden Ball team wins tier 1 tournament

Junior girls Borden Ball team

December 8, 2015 - Congratulations to the junior girls Borden Ball team who won yesterday's tier 1 tournament! The girls were tough, determined and competitive, leading them to go undefeated throughout the whole tournament. The gold medal match, against Steve Maclean, was a nail biter and was decided in a shootout, where AV came out on top! Congratulations to: Kaya, Dianabasi, Kyla, Jasmine, Emma and Maesie in grade 4, Natasza, Kresta, Kathleen, Rowyn, Danielle and Maya in grade 5 and to Edikan, Rosette, Emily, Zoe, Madeleine and Madison in grade 6 on an amazing gold medal performance!

Mme Saunders.

Girls’ Borden Ball team shows great determination

Girls’ Borden Ball team

December 7th 2015 - Congratulations to the tier 2 junior girls’ Borden ball team. The girls on the team showed great determination and persistence during Monday’s tournament. After being off to a rocky start in the first half of our first game, they dusted themselves off and had a great performance from there on, the girls continued to improve and won their second game. In our final game I told the girls to whip the ball, but they looked at me and just nae nae’d the ball. We had a fun time and a great time. Our walk to and from Ridgemont was filled with fun conversations and jokes. Thanks for the fun time ladies.

Tier 1 Boys Intermediate Volleyball team plays 1st tournament

December 1, 2015 - Alta Vista’s Tier 1 Boys Intermediate Volleyball team played in its first tournament this past Friday with great success. After playing 5 hard fought matches (10 exhausting games) in the round robin stage of the tournament, the boys finished 6th out of 16 teams and made it to the quarterfinals where they lost by only a couple of points in two close sets to the Longfields-Davidson Heights team. Congratulations to Joe F., Liam F., Tristan F., Matt L., Matt U., Andrew S., Patrick F., Sammy F., Ben J., Will M., and Ali A. Great start to the volleyball season! !

Tier 1 Girl Volleyball team demonstrates great teamwork

Tier 1 Girl Volleyball team

November 30, 2015 - Tier 1 Girl Volleyball team played in their first tournament this Monday, November 30th.

They played against Greenbank, Putman and Sir Winston Churchill. The girls played great games, and demonstrated great teamwork, and great team spirit. They fought hard, and have acquired experience of the game. They will continue to practice for their regional tournament coming up later in December.

Junior Girls Soccer - Region 4 - Tier 1 - Third place finish

Friday October 23, 2015 - What an amazing effort by the junior girls soccer team on Friday!!! After starting the tournament with a close loss, the girls rebounded with a hard fought tie in game two. That’s when the junior girls soccer team really started to show their skill and determination. They pulled off two wins in a row to finish the round robin play with a 2-1-1 record that was more than good enough to earn a spot in the semi-finals against Steve MacLean P.S. The team played their hearts out and dominated in the offensive zone but the Steve MacLean goalie was unbeatable and the girls came up just short, losing a close 2-0 game.

Congratulations on a well-deserved 3rd place finish to the following fantastic soccer players:

Zoe, Alyssa, Emma, Gillian, Kaya, Michaela, Edikan, Ella, Anna, Tamika, Kathleen, Sofie, Naomi and Kresta!

Alta Vista is very proud of you all!!!

Finally, a very big thank you to Erin and Allison, who donated many hours of their time, over the past month, helping to coach the girls’ team. Couldn’t have done it without you!

A. Hamilton, OCT

Junior Boys Soccer 2015

Soccer ball and cleatsTuesday October 20, 2015 - Alta Vista’s Junior Boys soccer team competed tremendously hard at the Tier 1 tournament. They started the round robin action with 3 wins and only 1 close loss to Vincent Massey P.S. Luckily for our boys; they had a chance for a rematch against Vincent Massey in the semi-finals and won after sudden death overtime and eventually a nail biting shootout. The junior boys moved on to the finals where they put everything on the line and came up just short with a loss to Steve MacLean P.S. 3-1. Congratulations on the amazing effort, and positive team spirit put forth by our Junior Boys as they finished 2nd overall!!!

Nouh, Salim, Connor, Kadin, Wassim, Sadam, Liam Wilson and Liam Widdis, Caylan, Mohammed, Luke, Barrett, Will and Aidan, you should all be very proud. Hold your heads high today!

Finally, a special thank you to Hue and Ethan who helped coach the junior boys over the past few weeks. Your guidance and expertise was very important to our team’s success!

A. Hamilton, OCT

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